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Tales of Tairies Title


...Only an afternoon to tell the world of the events or experiences that shaped your life and made you the person you are today. What story would you tell? Would it be one story of a special event or a tale of three or four unique experiences? Would you spend time describing small details or simply get to the story?

The Tales of Fairies are those stories. They are stories of spirit and adventure, joy and sorrow, love and hate. They are about experiences from a world where humans and fairies both exist - whether humans believe it or not.

The books are written with a focus on the action of the story which allows the reader to use their imagination for the rest. They appeal to readers from 10-years-old to adult and on many different levels making them books you will read over and over again.

Everybody has a tale to share. If you only had a few short hours to share yours, you would probably do it like this.